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The Hadjeb group is 5 companies in the fields of Agri-food and automotive. With 15 years of experience in the food market, the Hadjeb group is known on the Algerian market by its brand "DYLIA" of pulses and canned products.

 A major importer of food products, the Hadjeb group is distinguished by the quality of its products and by its presence in the mass distribution with the supermarket "Dylia Market". Since its creation in 1995, The Hadjeb Group has sought to develop its services and products, opting for a proactive approach to anticipate future market needs and customer expectations.

Specialized in Agri-Food, the Company has diversified by investing in the automotive market since 2005 with two companies, representing the brands KIA, Hyundai, and offering showrooms, after-sales services and import of original spare parts.

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